Yes, hoverboards are quite expensive but they are worth the price you pay. Do you have a tight budget? Don’t worry you can also privilege the joy of riding a hoverboard. Here we are with our really cheap hoverboards that you should buy in 2020. If you choose very cheap hoverboards, then it won’t last for a long time or won’t meet your expectations.

So, how would you know which is a better option while choosing a hoverboard? You would simply read our reviews, right! We will help you along the way to your cheapest hoverboard you can get, probably the best hoverboard for the price. Before we start we want to tell you that if you are expecting hoverboards under 100$ then you should leave because this kind of technology is not available yet at that price range.

Well, you can spend around $100 to $200 on them easily. Again, I inform you if you are buying a hoverboard for your kid then also don’t buy very cheap hoverboards. Because your kid will need a durable and safe hoverboard that is better at a price range of around $300.

So, if you are looking for a cheap hoverboard for yourself or only training purpose then it is okay to buy the one that fits your budget. Without wasting more time, let’s hop on to the list.

List Of Really Cheap Hoverboards You Should Buy:

1. Hover-1 Helix – Best Budget Hoverboard:

Hover-1 Helix

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We have seen Hover-1 on our list of “Best Hoverboard Brands”, “Safest Hoverboards”, “Hoverboards for you kids“. Almost every product list has a product from Hover-1. Though this brand makes expensive products, this one is specially made for those with a tight budget.

Hover-1 always wins our heart with its premium and durable hoverboards and it did the same thing this time too. This one is a very cheap hoverboard compared to the features and quality it offers. It has 2 powerful 200W motors which give it a max speed of 7 mph.

The built quality is durable enough for a hoverboard of this price range. This one can be used by anyone as it has a weight limit of 160 lbs. It has LED lights and Bluetooth connectivity through which you can connect it with your smartphone on the Hover-1 app. It displays speed, battery level, and much more.

This UL Certified hoverboard has a 36V battery which can take you to the max distance of 3 miles, that is less but what can we expect from a cheap hoverboard. This has a nice battery backup, has powerful motors, has a durable frame, and is one of the best hoverboards under $100 on Amazon. What more do you expect from a hoverboard that costs so low? It is worth checking out once. It is available in 6 different color combinations.

2. Hover-1 Drive – Cheap Hoverboard For Kids:

really cheap hoverboards

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Second, on our list is also a hoverboard by Hover-1. This cheap hoverboard is also worth the price it asks for. It has more powerful motors of 320W. The brushless motor gives enough power to climb on a 30-degree surface and a max speed of 7 mph.

The 10 cell Li-ion battery can run up to 5000 cycles and can be fully charged within 4 to 5 hours. With 6.5 inches wheels, it can go over some small stones, grass, and little obstacles on the road. At this low price range, it has a weight limit of 160 lbs and that is amazing!

This UL Certified Hoverboard might not be water resistance like the previous one but it has a distance range of 3 miles. It comes in black color and it looks so swaggy that way, I just fell in love with its matt color. And looking at the buyer’s reviews on Amazon, I became sure about the quality of the hoverboard.

I saw people searching for cheap hoverboard under $50, and that is so surprising to see that. It is hard to find a good hoverboard under $100, how can someone get any under $50! Well, if you add a 100 to that 50, then you can get this one, and believe me you won’t regret it. We consider this one as one of the best hoverboards for beginners. Go check it out!

3. SISIGAD Hoverboards:

very cheap hoverboard

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SISIGAD is a new brand in the industry of hoverboards, though it has won many hearts of the users. The users claim this hoverboard to last long in spite of the low price it offers. One of the best deal hoverboards in the market. These really cheap hoverboards have compromised its build material for the low price range.

This UL Certified hoverboard has 300W motors which give it a max speed of 6mph. It is powered with a 36V battery that gets fully charged within 3-5 hours and can be used for around 2 miles of range. We won’t recommend it for long rides, if you are buying this for your kid or for having some fun with friends, then it is good to go.

It is available in 6 attractive colors along with chrome and matt finish. Nothing more to explain, very cheap hoverboards mostly end up making problems but this one won’t let you down. Really cheap hoverboards on our list won’t let you down, just choose according to your wants.

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4. TOMOLOO Hoverboards:

cheap hoverboards

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When it comes to cheap hoverboards, TOMOLOO is considered as one of the best. If you have read any other post on our website then you’ll find TOMOLOO in most of the hoverboard reviews. In the beginning, TOMOLOO was just a normal cheap hoverboard brand with some products. But within these past years, it has increased its range of products so much. Now TOMOLOO makes Off-road hoverboards too.

With improved technology TOMOLOO has also improved its built quality. This one comes with fire and heat retardant technology that protects it from heating up and short circuits. The weight limit has increased to 162 lbs. This UL Certified hoverboard covers you up with a year warranty.

It is water-resistant and can go on a rough road, not off-road though. It can be connected with your smartphone through Bluetooth and can show you the speed, battery level, and much more. LED lights can match up to the beat of the music you are playing on it. If you want to buy a cheap hoverboard for kids then this is it. This might not be an all-terrain hoverboard but these are really cheap hoverboards.

5. Cho Hoverboards:

cho Hoverboards

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Cho is also a new brand in the market but is very responsive to the customers. This one looks good for the kids, any adult can also ride it but will look funky because of its design and colors. It is also available in black color but it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity in it.

The battery backup is pretty well and gets charged within 5 hours. Any more information about this product is not available yet, we’ll update it when it’s available.

6. Felimoda – Hoverboard Under $100:

Felimoda Hoverboards

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Many were searching for a hoverboard under $100 and here we got one, this might not meet your expectations but is worth the price. If you have only $100 and you can’t increase your budget anyhow, then you can choose this or other hoverboards on our list that costs around $100.

Even though it costs around $100, it is chosen as an Amazon’s Choice product. That’s because it has been offering great products to the customers and having great feedback from them. And that ensures that the quality of the product is undoubtedly good compared to the price range.

It comes in different colors but choosing any color other than the white, will cost you some extra Dollars. If you choose other colors then you also get Bluetooth connectivity, no there is no Bluetooth in the cheap and base model (white). No matter how cheap any hoverboard is, it has to be UL Certified and this one is too.

It has 300W motors which help it to climb on a 15-degree surface. The company claims its tires to be rugged and all-terrain but it won’t run off-road, may run over small obstacles like stones and dirt though. We can expect more at this price range, as it is already offering a lot.

It has Short Circuit protection, it protects against low voltage, overheat protection, and over-charging protection. Most importantly, it stops immediately as the rider steps off the hoverboard. So many features at this price range, no other brand can offer at this moment. Along with the features and budget, you are getting the trust of TOMOLOO.

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7. Hoverstar – Hoverboard Under $90:

HOVERSTAR hoverboard

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Now, these are really cheap hoverboards, you are getting it for a cost of around $90! How cheap would you buy it? Even you can get it at a lower price if you wait for an offer. It comes in six different colors, and all of them cost the same.

Though these are very cheap hoverboards, they can go a top speed of 6 to 10 mph, and that’s great. It got two 200W motors which are powered by a Li-ion battery. The battery gets fully charged within 2 to 3 hours. The battery’s capacity is not mentioned but we can think of an estimate by noting the charging time.

There were not many reviews on this product on Amazon, but I had a look at the feedbacks and they were positive. Nothing much to describe this hoverboard. Looking at the feedbacks, you can give it a try.

8. TPS – Cheapest Hoverboards:

cheapest hoverboard

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TPS is a UL Certified brand of hoverboards. This hoverboard has 6.5 inches vacuum tires, 36V batteries, and 300W motors. It can be fully charged within 3 to 4 hours depending on the input voltage and battery health. It has a weight limit of 200 lbs.

It gives a max range of 7 miles and that is highest on our list! Couldn’t find a cheaper hoverboard for you. This is it!


Where To Find Cheap Hoverboards?

You can easily find cheap hoverboards on online stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

How Much Do Cheap Hoverboards Cost?

A good cheap hoverboard can be bought at a price range from $99 to $150.

Which Hoverboards Are Safe And Cheap?

Any hoverboard with UL Certification is safe. And any hoverboard that meets your budget and wants, is cheap. Check our list for detailed information.

We hope that our list of really cheap hoverboards helped you find the one you were looking for. For more information, comment below or contact us here.

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