Have you recently bought a hoverboard? Believe me, you won’t regret your decision of buying it. But as you are reading this article that means you are facing problems with your hoverboard. So, the question is how to fix a hoverboard? Hoverboard repair is very simple if followed by the right instruction. Without knowing what you are doing can make it worse.

Don’t worry, that’s why we are here. We are here to help you out. First of all, we will give you a guide through Master Resetting your hoverboard and also Re-Calibrating it. As in common cases, the problems are one side of your hoverboard that has stopped working or some kind of calibration problem. Those can be solved with a reset and calibration. But if the problem is something else, try to find it on other points that I’ve mentioned below. We will also teach you to calibrate your hoverboard. 

Even if you are facing problems with the hoverboard’s battery or the charger, we got a perfect replacement for that in our article. If you like our information or if you think anyone needs this information, then don’t hesitate to share it. So, without any delay, let’s together solve the problem you are facing with your hoverboard.

How to fix a hoverboard? – Hoverboard Repair

Before jumping to the 10 Common Problems, let’s try master resetting your hoverboard. There are some reasons why we consider master resetting your hoverboard before trying any other way to solve the problem. In most cases, master resetting is a way to diagnose the problem of your hoverboard. If after master resetting can solve the problem, then you can go with any other ways that match your problem type.

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Master Reset Your Hoverboard:

Master Reset is somewhat like a solution for most problems. Sometimes it can solve problems which can’t be solved in any other way. Most importantly, it is an easier way as it doesn’t require any technical experience. A master reset can solve many problems like:

  • If red indicator displaying on your hoverboard.
  • If it is leaning on one direction with an alarm sound.
  • If your hoverboard is pointing upwards when in use.
  • If your hoverboard is not charging.

Master reset includes two methods; one is resetting the other is re-calibrating your hoverboard.

1st Step: You’ll have to be careful while resetting it because one wrong step can cause your hoverboard to make more problems. First of all, turn off your hoverboard or self-balancing scooter. After that, hold the on/off button for more than 10 seconds until the indicator lights up and turns off. After that, you have to start your hoverboard normally.

2nd Step: You’ve reset your device successfully, kudos! Now, it’s time to calibrate your device for getting the best out of this process. Assure that the device is turned on while calibrating. Keep it on a flat surface, balancing both the wheels equally. Press the on/off button until the red indicator appears again. Then again, remove your finger and then turn your device normally.

If the problem still appears, then dive deeper into it by scrolling down.

1. How to fix a hoverboard if one side of hoverboard not working:

What if one side of your hoverboard stops working? Is there any problem with your hoverboard’s parts? Or is it the circuit board that is causing the problem? It doesn’t matter what problem it is, we have a solution for you to fix this problem. In most cases, the reason behind this issue is the gyroscope.

For solving this problem you’ll have to just replace the gyroscope. Keep in mind to replace the hoverboard part with the same part it had before. There are 2 types of gyroscopes used in a hoverboard, male and female. For that, you’ll have to unscrew it first. Then look for the gyroscope, it’s just beside the wheels.

Now carefully take it out by unscrewing it. Now, if the gyroscope has two receiving ports and one wire harness then it is a male. And if there are more than two receiving ports and no wire harness, then it is a female gyroscope. We hope that this solution will solve your question of “How to fix a hoverboard?” If not, then come with me to the next step.

2. Hoverboard Repair Solution for On and Off related problems:

The common reason behind this problem is charging issues. If your hoverboard won’t charge, it won’t work. So first, you should check your charger. You can check it by searching for the green light or any kind of indicator on the charger. If the light doesn’t turn on then it means that the internal circuit of your hoverboard is making the problem.

The only solution we know is to replace the part. You can check the charging port for once too, sometimes when your hoverboard faces water carbon particles may accumulate and block the way. If the charging port is clean, then you’ll have to replace the mainframe for sure.

But, if the green light displays on the charger then it might be the battery. The only way to check it is, charge it for a while and keep it. After some time if you notice that the battery is getting drained too quickly, then you’ll have to replace the battery.

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Now, what if your hoverboard won’t turn off? This one is a little complicated. For the best solution, you should unscrew your hoverboard and remove the battery as soon as possible. Not to worry about it much, just contact an electrician.

3. What if your hoverboard won’t charge:

Charging problem in hoverboards is one of the most common problems. This often occurs in Chinese brands or low-quality brands. Have a look at our selected hoverboards, so that you don’t have to face this problem again.

The reason behind this problem may be your hoverboard or its charger. Are you giving your hoverboard enough time to charge? Look up to the manual that came with your hoverboard, there should be mentioned a time period required to charge your hoverboard. If you are giving it the time it requires even it is not charging, then it is a problem. There can be a bunch of causes behind it. Let’s have a look at them.

  • If your charger is showing a red light, then let it charge for at least 2-3 hours. If your charger is showing a green light, it is ready to go. If your hoverboard starts beeping with a red light even after charging, then it has a bad battery. You’ll have to replace the battery, I talked about it in detail, check the 2nd point.
  • If your charger shows no light, then there might be a problem in the charger. But before deciding it, check the electric outlet. If the outlet is alright then you’ll have to buy a new charger for your hoverboard.

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You can have a look at this video. It can help too if you want to know about “how to activate battery”.


4. How to fix a hoverboard that got wet:

In case your hoverboard ran to the water like you were riding it rained heavily, you know it’s trouble. For this, you should switch off the board. You need to place the motherboard and battery in a bowl full of rice that is raw if either of includes is soaked. Yes, even the rice trick is not only for smartphones, but it also does the work.

You should also gently clean the other parts of the plank using a tissue or cloth. Let of the self-balancing scooter dry and assemble it. You’re in luck if it works. If it does not, you might have to replace some components. And from next time keep in mind to buy a waterproof hoverboard.

5. Hoverboard Red Light error:

So, how to fix a hoverboard which is showing a Red Light Error? Here’s the answer. If the light is flashing it means that the hoverboard may have wires or cables. This issue can be fixed by tightening the cables with a screwdriver and unscrewing the hoverboard from beneath. If you can’t locate the loose one, you can disconnect and reconnect all wires.

When the red light glows twice, it might be attributed to an internal circuit issue. Follow the actions and you need to invest in a hoverboard circuit board replacement kit to repair it. In scenarios where the red light is blinking four or four occasions, it suggests that you need to replace the engine. If six flash, you might want to replace the battery. If it’s seven or eight times gyroscopes are a viable solution.


  1. How To FIx A Broken Hoverboard?

    Broken hoverboards can be fixed by replacing the damaged parts. Sometimes critical damages might not be fixed by replacement.

  2. Why Has My Hoverboard Stopped Working?

    There are several reasons that can result in working issues in your hoverboard. Try to give a Master Reset to your hoverboard and if doesn’t help then visit our site to try different ways.

  3. How To Fix An Unbalanced Hoverboard?

    The one and only way to fix an unbalanced hoverboard is to re-calibrate it properly. However sometime faulty gyroscope may result in unbalanced hoverboard.

  4. How To Calibrate A Hoverboard?

    Assure that the device is turned on while calibrating. Keep it on a flat surface, balancing both the wheels equally. Press the on/off button until the red indicator appears again. Then again, remove your finger and then turn your device normally.

We hope that our list of solutions to “How to fix a hoverboard?” helped to repair your hoverboard. If even after trying these steps you still facing the problems, then you should have a look at this article or you can contact me and give me information about the problem you are facing, We’ll try our best to solve it.

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