If you are reading this post that means you want to gift something exciting to your kid i.e., a hoverboard. Do you want to gift your kid a hoverboard but is anxious about their safety? It’s obvious to be anxious because once upon a time these electronic transportation systems used to be dangerous.

But not more after the introduction of the USA UL Safety Certificate. These brands have to ensure the safety of the products before they can sell them. Down below there is 5 Best Hoverboard for Kids.

Even if the brand ensures their safety, all of the brands are not made for kids. Well, there are some brands that keep in mind the safety of kids and then manufacture their products. They ensure to produce hoverboards that are slow, comfortable, easy to balance, durable safe, and enjoyable.

These hoverboards have all things to be concerned while buying kids’ hoverboards. Along with safety, the toy you are gifting to your kid should be fun, exciting, and thrilling.

If your kid ain’t a teenager yet then gifting something expensive will not be a good idea. So, keep in mind to buy the one which meets all the needs and fits into your budget. Instead of gifting something else, a hoverboard is a better choice as your kids will love to go out with them, so now you gave your kid a reason to play outdoors instead of sticking to video games or smartphones.

Technology has developed so much. Nowadays most of the hoverboards have inbuilt app support that gives the analytics about the battery and speed straight to your smartphone. Without any more delay, let’s hop into the list.

Best Hoverboard For Kids:

ProductsDetailsCheck On Amzon
best hoverboard brandSegway Ninebot S - Very stable, fast and with a longlasting battery life.Check On Amazon
best hoverboard for kidsSwagtron T6 - Stylish, Powerful, Durable, Best for the priceCheck On Amazon
lamborghini hoverboardLamborghini TwoDots - Coolest, Durable, Powerful and PremiumCheck On Amazon
hyper gogo hoverboardHyper GOGO - Durable and PowerfulCheck On Amazon
epikgoEPIKGO Classic Series - Premium, Powerful and DurableCheck On Amazon

1. Segway Ninebot S – Best Hoverboard for kids:

best hoverboard brand

Check On Amazon

If your kid is trying a hoverboard for the first time then this one should be it. As this self-balancing scooter has big wheels and a large place to stand properly, this is one easier to ride and balance.

And as Segway has been in hoverboard production for a long time, their every product is UL Certified. We will make sure that you buy the best hoverboard for kids.

These UL-certified hoverboards for kids are not cheap though but they are worth the price. Most of the time your kids ride one of these, they will be in control and balance. We consider this one to be specially made for kids as this has a small handle to hold.

This handle makes it easier for your kid to be safe while riding. This one ain’t have much speed so you won’t have to keep an eye on if your kid is speeding away with the hoverboard.

The high price is reasonable as it has a long-lasting battery life, it’s UL Certified, it has big tires, it has a big battery, it’s durable and much more. No complaints with this one, hence it is on the 1st position of this list and also on the list of our 5 Best Hoverboard Brands of 2020 and will also be on the 1st if there’s any list of best hoverboard for beginners.

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2. Swagtron T6 – Best Price Hoverboard:

best hoverboard for kids

Check On Amazon

The previous hoverboard was the one for those who want their kids to be safe. But Swagtron adds up little thrill along with the safety. With a moderate speed range and all-terrain model, this one is for those kids who want to play it hard. Is your kid one of those kinds? If yes, then make sure to check it out. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

It has one of the coolest looks in the market, your kid would be much happier to see a cool hoverboard with LED lights and rugged tires than seeing a boring one. The wide tires let it be driven off-road, making it more exciting to play with.

It can carry a load of up to 400 pounds, so it is nearly unbreakable for your kids. After one full charge, it can go up to 12 miles and a speed of 12mph and can get up on 30 degrees surface.

Think about it, your kid wants something that is cool, moderately fast, which he can play with for a long time, with which he can have fun. So, you got the hoverboard that your kid wants and most importantly it fits your budget too as it is considered as one of the best price hoverboards and best kids hoverboard.

Check out the reviews on Amazon and then decide if you want to buy this amazing one or something else. Wanna buy your kid his/her dream gift? If yes, then check the next one. It is one of the best in the market by an automobile company.

3. Lamborghini Two Dots – One of the coolest:

lamborghini hoverboard

Check On Amazon

Yes, this could be something amazing for your kids. You might be thinking that Lamborghini is an automobile brand, so what’s surprising you? Hoverboards are also a kind of transportation system. Not only your kid but most of the kids have their dream car or bike.

If your kids don’t know about Lamborghini, then they ain’t dreaming big. So, why not help them dream bigger so that they can do something great in the future. With its stylish looks and head LED lights, it looks unique and attractive. Not only kids but this one are suitable for adults too as it can handle any weight between 33 pounds to 165 pounds.

If you are looking for UL certified hoverboards for kids then this is the safest hoverboard for kids as it only has high-quality parts, materials and is water-resistant.

Why not buy this one from the reliable brand instead of buying any tedious one which doesn’t make your kid excited to ride it. Give a check on the reviews by them who have bought them earlier on Amazon.

4. Hyper GOGO Hoverboards:

hyper gogo hoverboard

Check On Amazon

This on our list is also a good choice. If you are suffering from choosing any of the above then you can go with Hyper GOGO. With its attractive looks and color texture, this looks amazing.

This hoverboard can also go off-road with its 8 inches wheelbase. More stable, more battery life, safe, Bluetooth connectivity, what more do you want for your kid? And it also fits the budget.

With LED lights this is versatile to be driven at night. You can go 6 miles with the top speed of 6mph along with the capability of taking a load of 165 pounds.

Not only your kids, but you can also ride this as it is suitable for all ages. Not only these, this one has Bluetooth speakers in it that plays music from your smartphone. So now you can honk while riding, listen to music and much more. Kids would love to see LED lights in their toys along with speakers too.

5. EPIKGO Classic Series – Best Off-Road Hoverboard:

Check On Amazon

If you want it for a kid whose age is 13+, then this might be best for you to buy. Yes, the price tag is a little bit higher than others but EPIKGO also gives you better stability, durability, better battery backup, more speed, and less charging time.

So, you are getting all of these only by paying a little bit more. So, why not this? Hoverboards are something that no one will buy often, so it’s worth giving a shot.

The look of this one is my favorite and believe me your kid will also love it. With the UL certificate is has you don’t have to worry about any safety issues. Its battery can last up to 1 hour with 10 miles of range.

The rugged tires let you go on any kind of road condition. With a maximum weighing capacity of 240 pounds, this thing gets fully charged in 2 hours. In spite of the price, it’s worth buying.


Which is the best hoverboard for kids?

It depends on you, what you want only safety or safety, and thrills both. I suggest choosing safety and thrill as it helps your kids be safe along with helping them to grow. For a detailed answer, read the above content.

How much does a kids’ hoverboard cost?

It depends on the quality and features that a brand provides. I’ll suggest buying a moderately priced hoverboard. Because, if you buy a low priced one, then it can have issues within some months and can also have safety issues, no parents want that. And even if you buy a high priced brand then you’ll surely get hurt when anything happens to the hoverboard, and if I was a kid then I won’t go soft with this kind of cool stuff.

Are hoverboards kid-friendly?

Not all brands are kid-friendy. But there are some which have low speed, more stability, durable and attractive. The above mentioned are the best hoverboard for kids.

Should kids under age be able to have hoverboards?

If your kid is old enough to manage to ride one of the hoverboards, then the answer is “yes”. Let them try new things, if they hurt themselves then don’t worry, pain is gain.

We hope that our list of the best hoverboard for kids helped you find the best one for your kid. For any further queries, comment below or mail me.

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