In today’s competitive market many brands of hoverboards are claiming themselves the best. But the question is, are they the best? You’ll find the answer below in our list of 5 Best Hoverboard Brands that are the best in the market. There are even many Chinese brands claiming themselves to be the original brands, but they are not.

These Chinese companies manufacture hoverboards that are similar to some other brands but they are not the original. So, if you want to buy the original best hoverboards then make sure to have a look at the hoverboards that we provide details about.

It’ll give you a clear knowledge of the difference between duplicate products and the original one. And if you are looking for a brand especially for your kids then you check our review on 10 best hoverboards for kids. Let’s quickly jump on to our reviews.

5 Best Hoverboard Brands:

The below list contains the brands of hoverboard that have been a better choice for others and we hope that those will be a better choice for you too. Don’t forget that we don’t provide any information without ensuring the truth and honesty of that information. Let’s start.

ProductsDetailsCheck On Amazon
segwaySegway - Best for the price, Longlasting, Powerful and Most StableCheck On Amazon
best hoverboard for kidsSwagtron - Powerful, Durable, StylishCheck On Amazon
razor hoverboardRazor - Durable, Stable, One of the Best For KidsCheck On Amazon
epikgoEPIKGO - Powerful, Durable and StylishCheck On Amazon
city cruiserCity Cruiser - Best Budget Choice, Durable, PowerfulCheck On Amazon

1. Segway – The Best Hoverboard Brands on our list:

best hoverboard brands

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Segway is been in the production of hoverboards for a long time. Not only according to this site but according to many other best hoverboard review sites and expertise sitting behind them consider Segway to be one of the most reliable hoverboard brands. Alongside with hoverboards, this brand also makes self-balancing scooters.

Yes, they are both different things but there is not much difference between them, just a handle to hold/balance. Segway Ninebot S is considered as one of the best of Segway. Earlier hoverboards were dangerous to use as they caught fire and had many more safety issues. But after the US has released a UL certificate before selling any hoverboard, thus problem making hoverboards are no more an issue.

As Segway products are UL 2272 Safety certified, it makes one of the safest hoverboards out there in the market. The high price is reasonable as it has a good battery life, more safety, it’s faster and you can also hit an extra mile to your office on this. For information is more details, you can check the video below. Let’s move on to the next on our list of the best hoverboard brands.

2. Swagtron – Best Hoverboard Brands For Adults:

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Swagtron was and is a big name when it comes to electric transport systems. From electric scooters, electric skateboards to electric bikes, and electric hoverboards. Swagtron hoverboards are one of the safest hoverboards. There are many reasons for being one of the safest. Once upon a time, Swagtron hoverboards faced a great loss because of safety issues in their products.

After that, Swagtron always tests their products and make them as safe as possible. If you want to buy any electric transport system for any beginner or kid then this is one of the best hoverboards for kids.

Along with safety with the UL safety certificate, this brand has also improved in the versatility of its products. You can choose from a wide range of products, from casual street hoverboards to off-road hoverboards and Bluetooth hoverboards. One of the reasons for considering it the best hoverboard for kids is that its products come with different modes to use.

They have training mode, fast mode, urban mode, and much more. Its products are like a complete package for a beginner or even for a professional. The starting level is an affordably priced product, the Swagtron T5. It is one of the best for a casual street drive or using in an indoor place like your office, home. This brand also provides Bluetooth hoverboards that give you the feature of knowing your speed and battery level after connecting it with your smartphone.

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3. Razor:

razor hoverboard

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One of the other brands that provide safe and quality products is Razor. Razor has been in making hoverboards for a long time. Its every new model is filled with new features and is anyway better than the previous models. Though it has a high price range, its products are durable, reliable, and worth the price. From casual street electric hoverboards to all-terrain, you’ll get any kind of electric transport system from these best hoverboard brands.

The availability of different kinds of models made us put it on our list of 5 Best Hoverboard Brands. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is one of the best for teenagers, hence its scooters have long-lasting batteries they can take it to school, colleges, or for a sidewalk on the road with their friends. Wait, do you need one for off-roading? The Hovertrax 2.0 can also deal with that.


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If you are looking for a stylish and expensive hoverboard that you’ll love to show to your friends then this might be it. But don’t do that, showing off might not be a good idea, but if you want to buy a stylish one with different features then EPIKGO Self-Balancing hoverboard is the right choice for you.

You are getting a fast, all-terrain hoverboard with LED front-lights and 2 hours fast-charging system. With a UL safety certificate and bigger size, it provides more safety and stability while riding. It might have a high price tag but believe me, it’s worth it. It can tackle many obstacles like grass, dirt, small stones, and keep you stable at the same time. Its range is around 10 miles after a full charge of 2 hours, which is much more than other brands.

5. City Cruiser:

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You may haven’t heard of this brand but it has been loved by many people, it is new in the market though. With a lower price tag, this brand may be a good choice for you if you want to gift it to someone or have a low budget. As much you lower your budget the quality of the product decreases.

There are only a few brands that provide high-quality products at an affordable price.

This one is a Bluetooth hoverboard and it not only uses the Bluetooth to show you metrics but also has a Bluetooth speaker. This brand has one of the least available electric scooters with Bluetooth Speaker. So, if you want something new or uncommon that your friends don’t have, then this can be the one. This City Cruiser may be the best for you, go check it out. With this, our list of 5 Best Hoverboard Brands ends.


  1. What Hoverboard Brands Are Safe?

    All hoverboard brands with UL Certification are safe for use. Age of the rider matters though.

  2. What Are The Best Brands Of Hoverboard?

    There are many hoverboards that are best in their way. Some are best kids’ hoverboards, some are best adults’ hoverboards. For more detailed information, visit our site.

  3. Which Brands Of Hoverboard Are Dangerous?

    Brands of hoverboards that are not UL Certified are dangerous as the brand does not take any responsibility for your loss. So, it is better to read our reviews and then buy a safe hoverboard that is UL Certified.

  4. What Are The Best Quality Hoverboards?

    All high end hoverboard brands including EPIKGO, Swagtron, Segway, Razor, Lamborghini are best in quality.

We hope that our reviews helped you to choose the best hoverboard brands for you. Remember that the above content is not any comparison, it doesn’t compare any brand with any other brand. We gave you the information about some of the best brands, all of them is good and unique in their ways. If you have any other queries then just comment below, we’ll see what can be done and try to solve your problem with our team of expertise sitting behind this site.

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