Electric scooters are not only so much enjoyable but also very useful for transportation. Not only kids but adults also can enjoy this amazing transportation system. Anyone from a 5-year-old kid to an adult can use it. The best foldable electric scooters for adults on our list below are specially made for adults.

There could be a lot of reasons why you have decided to buy an electric scooter for adults. They are easy to learn and use, they can get you out of a crowded place with ease. These rides are suitable and enjoyable for a person of any age. These were always known to offer great mobility.

These electric scooters are more durable with a bigger battery and much more. They can easily help you to reach your office or your home without letting you face any traffic jams. The less space consumed by electric scooters, make them the best for crowded areas.
However, in today’s competitive market it is hard to choose the right electric scooter for you. It is even harder for those who are buying these things for the first time. And that’s why we are here. We are here to help you find the best for you. Down below we have 8 best foldable electric scooters for adults which are personally tested to be one of the best.

Along with the list of the best folding electric scooters for adults, we also have a buying guide for you. If you are unable to decide which one to choose then have a look at the buyers’ guide down below, it’ll help a lot.

The Best Foldable Electric Scooters For Adults In 2020:

ProductsDetailsCheck On Amazon
best foldable electric scooters for adultsGoTrax GXL V2Check On Amazon
best folding electric scooters for adultsSegway Ninebot ES4Check On Amazon
Macwheel MX3Macwheel MX3Check On Amazon
Glion DollyGlion DollyCheck On Amazon
Razor E200Razor E200Check On Amazon
Razor EcosmartRazor Eco SmartCheck On Amazon
Razor e300sRazor E300SCheck On Amazon
Razor E100Razor E100Check On Amazon

1. GoTrax GXL V2 – Best Folding Electric Scooters For Adults:

best foldable electric scooters for adults

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The first on our list is the GoTrax GXL V2, this is the all-rounder best electric scooter for both kids and adults. There are many reasons why this is the first on our list. It gives you a max speed of 15 mph with the help of a powerful 250avg/430max watt motor, which means you can ride faster and reach your destination in time.

Using a 36V5.2AH Lithium-ion battery it gives you the long-range of 11 miles along with the top speed of 15mph. The long-range with the high speed is proof of the powerful battery. 11 miles of range means that you can now ride for a longer distance.

Now you can easily go to your office with this electric scooter. Now you can have a mile of an extra ride in the winds if you went office with this electric scooter. Have you used an electric scooter previously with rubber tires? If yes then you know how uncomfortable it is to ride with a rubber tire on a road full of stones.

You can feel every tiny bump if your electric scooter has rubber tires and it makes your ride uncomfortable. Yes, I agree that rubber tires are easy to maintain as no air leakage occurs but along with the advantages it also has disadvantages.

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You won’t have to face those problems if you choose this one, GoTrax GXL V2 comes with 8.5inches Inflatable tires. Yes, you’ll have to keep an eye on the tires but along with that, you are also getting a more comfortable ride. The tires along with the durable frame can handle a weight up to 220lbs, making it suitable for anyone from kids to adults.

It has a digital display on its handlebar, that looks amazingly cool and useful. You can view your speed, adjust your gears, view battery life, and turn on the headlight, all gets displayed on the screen. So, as now you can see how much battery you have, you won’t have to worry while going somewhere far.

The GoTrax V2 folds and locks easily, making it easily portable and perfect for storage. It has a dual braking system, while you fly on the roads it will make sure to help you stop the scooter when you want or need, without ruining your stability you.

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Top Features:

  • 9 – 12 miles per full charge.
  • Top Speed of 15 mph.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Value for money.

Let’s move on to the next on our list of best foldable electric scooters for adults.

2. Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter:

best folding electric scooters for adults

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Are you looking for a sleek, stylish and premium looking electric scooter? This is it, believe me, the techy design it has will obviously impress your work partners. It is stylish, slim, and high performing. From the frame to the wheels of the Segway Ninebot ES4 is modern looking and amazing.

It has a LED display on the handlebar, it has a slim but strong base, it has awesome looking alloy wheels. Now you know about its looks, you can see them in the image above. Now let’s talk about its performance. It has a top speed of 19 mph and can go up to 28 miles after a single charge.

So, it doesn’t matter how crowded the roads to your office, school or college is, you’ll reach in time with this electric scooter. Thanks to its high performing 800Wh battery, you can enjoy your whole day with only a single charge. Was your previous electric scooter not as comfortable as you expected?

This one will be for sure. It comes with a dual suspension system that not only makes your ride more comfortable but also lets you ride with more stability. So, now you won’t have to think twice before riding on a rough road. It has front and rear LED lights which will help you to ride it in low light conditions, with no worries.

The LED display on the handlebar lets you know about the speed, battery life and also lets you manage the LED lights. The wide solid tires are air free. An air-free tire lets you enjoy its durability without worrying about maintenance.

The dual braking system consists of a mechanical brake and an electric brake. The braking system can stop your ride within 12 inches at a speed of 12 mph. So, now you ride is fast, stylish, long-lasting, stable, and safe. What more do you want?

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Top Features:

  • Top speed of 19mph.
  • 28 miles of range after a single full charge.
  • Dual braking system.
  • Stylish and modern look.
  • Durable and lightweight folding electric scooter.

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3. Macwheel MX3 Electric Scooter for Adults:

Macwheel MX3

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The Macwheel MX3 is a folding electric scooter bike that is not only stylish but also high performing just like the Segway Ninebot. The main difference between this one and the Segway Ninebot is the price range, however, you’ll have to compromise a little if you choose a cheaper one.

With LED headlights, air-free tires, long-range, and high top speed, this one is a complete package as one of the best folding electric scooters for adults. The Macwheel MX3 has a 350W electric hub motor which gives you a top speed of 15.5mph and can also climb up on a 15degree surface.

The 270Wh battery along with the powerful motor gives you a max distance range of 17 miles. No more frequent charging, you can now go for a long ride only with a single charge. The durable and lightweight frame of this foldable electric scooter can take on a weight of 265 lbs.

So, now even if you are a little heavy, it won’t keep you away from enjoying this electric scooter. No more uncomfortable rides on bumpy roads. The dual spring suspension of this electric scooter efficiently absorbs every single bump on the road making your ride comfortable and more stable.

Want to have a slow and long ride along the roadside? The different speed modes in this electric scooter will help you to do so. You can ride in fast mode to reach your destination in time or you can have a slow and enjoyable ride in your free time.

It has a multifunctional LED display that shows battery life and speed. The “D” switch below the display helps you to control the front LED light and the speed modes. A single press to the “D” switch turns on and off the front LED light and long dual press to that switch lets you jump within different speed modes.

The last amazing feature of this electric scooter is the dual braking system. It helps you to stop as soon as possible even if you were riding at high speed.

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Top Features:

  • Top speed of 15mph.
  • 17 miles of range after a single charge.
  • LED Display and front lights.
  • Durable and lightweight frame.
  • Spring suspension.

4. Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter:

Glion Dolly

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One of the most important things to look for in motorized scooters for grownups is its battery pack. This electric folding scooter for transport has among the biggest battery pack these days you can see in the market. Yes, we’re currently talking consisting of 30 Sony NMC and 18650 cells.

Basically, all these technical specs mean that you will be enjoying to get a nonstop running time of 3.25 hours. Glion Dolly Foldable Commuter folding scooter includes a short charging time too.

The engine within this ride is really a one. It’s very silent, meaning that you can roam around the interior of your house without anyone disturbing. The wheels on this scooter are airless rubber tires.

This adult scooter provides great mobility as well… You can fold it, put it in a typical travel bag, and take it with you everywhere you would like.

The brakes can also be found in the motor, which requires no maintenance and is a form. The ride’s speed is fantastic as well, you can go in 15 mph and impress everyone around you. On a single charge, you may use this folding scooter for more than 15 miles.

The simple fact which you can ride this for a nonstop 3.25 hours is something quite cool. Aside from the superb braking system with zero upkeep caught our attention. All in is the ride for any adult looking for a few extra zips in his or her life. If you’re seeking the top electric scooter on the market, this might be it.

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Top Features:

  • Top speed of 15mph.
  • The total range of 15 miles after a single charge.
  • Low charging time.
  • Easily foldable.

5. Razor E200 Folding Electric Scooter:

Razor E200

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(This product is not foldable but for adults)

The best part about this particular commute is its chain-driven motor. Riding on this ride is hours of pleasure and that too without disturbing anyone around you. The on the handles provide extra firmness and that complete feeling required for riders.

The chain-driven motor guarantees speed of 12 mph, which will be enough for professional riders. This commute for adults comes with a sealed battery of 24 V. The Razor E200 includes a kickstand to the side, a braking system on the grips, and rugged tires for this ride.

Everything is included and explained and the assembly of the ride is easy in the package. The battery charger contained can charge the battery from 0 – 100% in a couple of hours. For the very first run, it is strongly recommended to control the battery.

Razor is proven to unite high-quality material with the most up-to-date in technology — using Razor E200 Electric Commuter Scooter, the company has lived up to the expectation. The frame and the deck have been crafted out of the toughest material you will find in scoots.

This permits the riders to have pleasure without having to worry about damaging their ride. There are so many things, first of all, itself the ride is smooth and quiet that you will soon fall in love. Last but not the least, the tough design and smooth make this commute that the priciest in its league.

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Top Features:

  • Chained Motor.
  • It can be used for off-roading.
  • High battery life.
  • Suitable for both kids and adults.
  • Mechanical braking.

6. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter:

Razor Ecosmart

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(This product is not foldable but for adults)

The Razor EcoSmart Metro, Razor Scooters have existed since 2000, and have received numerous compliments and awards for their innovation and cutting edge technology. The Razor EcoSmart is powered with a 500W motor using a 36-volt electric system that can be recharged with any supply of power.

The EcoSmart can attain ranges of 18-20 miles on flat surfaces as well as faster on downhill slopes as advertised. The battery is a 7.5 AH one which could be substituted to improve the traveling space. Furthermore, these batteries are stored in a nylon zipper case which is at the bin, under my toes, allowing me to ride this in the rain.

The guide indicates charging the batteries for 12 hours, but I’m able to do this thing running for 7-8 miles by just charging for a couple of hours. Sometimes, I’d charge it for 12 hours as it’s great for your batteries. Hills are the biggest variable and even an incline can lead to a change as drastic as 60 percent reduction, especially if the rider weighs a whole lot as it takes upwards to move than horizontally.

Here’s a rough estimation on the traveling space: the scooter must reach 10-14 miles If the driver is traveling to a surface that is horizontal and lightweight. The chair is heavily padded and contains 2 shock-absorbing springs, which makes it a comfy ride during long distances.

The handlebar and chair rake is flexible, unlike various other mopeds, permitting both short and tall people to ride. The rear luggage area can be nice, as occasionally I’ll be carrying up to 12 pounds of things along with you. I will allow the picture to speak for itself.

It sure is fun as hell, although so don’t expect to look riding these things this isn’t a motorbike. Riding this item will bring out the kid in most of us. The plan is also as minimalistic as it’s, nothing gaudy.

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Top Features:

  • 18 to 20 miles range after a single charge.
  • Good for adults to use it for shopping.
  • Has a basket.
  • It has a comfortable seat.

7. Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter With Seat:

Razor e300s

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(This product is not foldable but for adults)

Super durability then looks no further as we provide you if you’re seeking an exceptional ride that provides and is perfectly capable of impressing everyone. The electrical motor generates torque and compliments the design as it is quiet.

It has a 24 V battery with a secure battery system which permits the Razor E300 electric scooter to go nonstop for so long as 16 mph. The ride has a rear braking system which is easily operated from the grip on the deal. The seat is a comfy one with a choice to correct and eliminate it.

The deck on this Razor E300 electric scooter is big enough to accommodate riders of all sorts. It has an excellent battery life but should be charged for 12 hours. The Razor E300 electric scooter also offers a working time of 40 minutes, which may depend on factors like weight, terrain, etc.

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Top Features:

  • Top speed of 15mph.
  • Has a seat.
  • Comes with a kickstand.
  • Smoothride.

8. Razor E100 Electric Scooter For Adults:

Razor E100

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(This product is not foldable but for adults)

Razor needs no introduction when it comes to producing out of this world scooter for children and grownups alike. Top Razor Pro Scooters are famous throughout the planet, and now the business is delving into other mediums.

Brands like these are constantly in the race, this time with another product the Razor E100 for Commuters.
There is a lot to write about this adult scooter. We will first begin with the plan. The plan is simple and yet strong enough to easily carry around 200 Kgs.

It’s a small ride that has every feature you can ask for. The little design doesn’t interfere with the performance at all. In reality, it supplies more simplicity on these roads and avenues. The commute’s color is also elegant and available in 6 different.

It has a rechargeable 24 V battery, that complements the size and its design. The braking system is not as strong as you might find in some of the other products on the market but still does the job well. It is located on the handle and can be hand-operated.

The 8-inch tires add to the beauty and general appearance of the product. These tires are not only good looking but durable too. The rear wheel is made up. However, there is some time required to assemble those. The rate Razor E100 Adult Electric Scooter for Commuters includes a high speed of 10 miles.

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Having said this, the journey itself is pretty smooth. You can use the Razor E100 for Commuters for about 40 minutes constantly. This adult scooter has plenty of features. What we liked is the elegant, no-fuss layout, colors that are bright body, and smooth ride.

Top Features:

  • Top Speed of 10mph.
  • Good for short rides.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Foldable Electric Scooters For Adults:


There are going to be much worse and better values in electric scooters, but essentially attributes and quality improve with the price. You won’t be buying an off-road beast for $200. Consult with the categories for price brackets.


Range describes the distance a scooter could travel until it runs out of battery power. A cautious rule of thumb would be to choose whatever the manufacturer advertises and divide by 2. Results from the 2018 Electric Scooter Survey reveal most manufacturers overestimate by 30% in their own range claims.

Like batteries, as time continues, your battery capacity (and scooter range) will decrease. Think, how much you travel on a day and about your commute. Remember that when your scooter runs out of electricity you can still kick to push it.


If you need to fold and carry your scooter weight may be a consideration. Think about your commute: will you want to walk upstairs? When you get to your destination, why do you have an elevator? Sometimes it may be late at night or inclement weather and you might choose to take a ride-share house.

Most will permit you to set your scooter in the back, but you still need to move it. Most scooters with a reasonable range (>15 miles) will weigh over 25 pounds. Anything above 30 lbs will be hard to carry for long durations.

Possessing a handle or shoulder strap will help and lifted into a vehicle or a few scooters have a configuration that permits them to be rolled or additional wheels, but will still be carried upstairs.

Top Speed:

Speed is not a huge element for most commuters as long as the scooter can reach 15 mph. In fact, a few municipalities have laws against moving over 15mph. When traveling on streets or in bicycle lanes, 15-18 mph is. If you want to know more about scooter’s extreme performance kind, people go when traveling at those speeds, and we recommend wearing safety equipment.

Max Weight:

Max rider weight or the maximum weight is your weight limit that the electrical scooter may support. For many scooters, this limit is 220 pounds (100 kgs). You’ll need to be certain that you’re looking at scooters that can support your weight loss if you weigh more than this. For security reasons, you shouldn’t exceed the weight limit specified by the manufacturer.

Remember that even if the scooter is rated to your weight, it will be slower and have less range, in comparison to a rider. For riders near or over 220 lbs, you should focus on scooters with an electric motor.

Motor Power:

Motor electricity generally starts at 200 watts and goes all of the ways around 6270 watts on the Dualtron X. For adults, so we don’t advocate anything under 250 watts for daily commuting. This will be sufficient for surfaces and quite small hills.

Consider going to 500 or 350 watts if you live in a place with hills. Even on hills that are regular, your scooter will slow down with 500 watts. At that stage, you can always kick to help the scooter. They will get you up to speed more quickly, although larger motors won’t only aid with powering up hills.


Suspension smooths out indentations and bumps from the road. Without it, and if you have airless tires, then you will feel every bump that you journey over. If your commute has rough terrain to cross or is longer consider purchasing a scooter. Suspension can either be attached to the front, back, or both wheels. Scooters from the Premium Commuter class should have either rear or front suspension.


Scooters, like bicycles, may have a red light and a white front light. It’s necessary to have both a front and backlights if you ride after dark. Due to the design of electric scooters, they typically do not have lights that are visible. If you’re going to ride at night consider adding red lights flashing to your backpack or helmet.


There are four primary brake types: electrical and/or regenerative, drum, foot, and disk. They can be installed on the front, back, or both tires and are listed from least to best. Electric and regenerative brakes are the weakest. If you are currently traveling to stop fast, these won’t do the job.

Foot brakes, which are activated by shoving your foot back on the back fender, cause it to rub against the back tire, slowing it down. This type of brake has to stop power but is much less successful as the disk or drum brakes.
Drum Brakes are enclosed inside the wheel hub and also are usually lower maintenance than other braking types and have consistent performance in moist conditions.

Disc brakes have the most stopping power and are somewhat lighter than drum brakes. They are found on the end Premium Commuter and High-Performance scooters. However, it may appear on better quality Budget Commuter scooters.


Tires come in two varieties: pneumatic (air-filled) and airless.

Pneumatic tires have the benefit of shock absorption and better handling/traction (especially in poor weather). The downside to pneumatic tires is that there is maintenance required than the airless selection. When they have pressure, tires are prone to punctures and have to be filled with air.

Airless tires, on the other hand, are inferior in every way except they have practically no maintenance needed.
Pneumatic tires are common in all price ranges, except the Budget range, where tires are almost exclusively airless (solid).


What Is The Fastest Electric Scooter on the Market?

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Scooter is the fastest electric scooter in the market yet.

Can Electric Scooters Go Uphill?

No, not all electric scooters can go uphill. But if you have an off-road electric scooter then it will go uphill for sure.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

The speed of an electric scooter depends on the power of the motor and battery. Mostly the highest speed of an electric scooter is around 30mph.

We hope that our list of best foldable electric scooters for adults and the buying guide helped you to choose the ideal one for you. For any more information don’t feel shy to comment below or contact us, here.

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