Electric scooters have become a new trend these days. Not only trend, but it is also helpful, easy, and enjoyable for transportation. From off-roading to long rides, they are suitable for both. Well, today here we are going to talk about the best electric scooter for 5 year old kids. Choosing an electric scooter for an adult might be easier than choosing an electric scooter for a kid.

There are many things you’ll have to keep in mind while buying an electric scooter for a kid. The scooter must be safe for your kid. As kids want to have more fun than an adult, the scooter must have a long-lasting battery. Kids will also love to experiment on their electric scooters with high jumps and more little stunts, so make sure that the scooter’s built quality is strong enough.

So, yes, it is hard to choose the right electric scooter for a kid and that’s why you are here reading our electric scooter review. Don’t worry, you came here with some expectation and we won’t let you down. We picked up 7 best electric scooter for 5 year old kids and also the best electric scooter for 3 year old, by running them through some tests and came up with the list below. Without wasting more time, let’s hop on to the list.

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Best Electric Scooter For 5 Year Old Kids:

ProductsDetailsCheck On Amazon
razor_e300Razor E300Check On Amazon
gotrax_gksGOTRAX GKSCheck On Amazon
hover_1_engineHover-1 EngineCheck On Amazon
uberscoot_1600wUberScootCheck On Amazon
razoe_e325Razor E325Check On Amazon
razor_e200Razor E200Check On Amazon
razor_power_core_e90Razor Power Core E90Check On Amazon

1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter:

electric scooter for 5 year old

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The first on our list is the Razor E300, Razor has been in the industry of electric transportation system for a long time. From hoverboards to electric skateboards and electric scooters, whenever we think of it the name that comes first on our mind is Razor.

However, we consider this as one of the best electric scooters for kids as it has so many features that make the ride easier and more enjoyable. The features include hand-breaks and retractable stand.

Do you remember the days when you were the kid who loved to ride your cycle or bike at an average speed, just to enjoy the wind flowing by? Don’t you want your kid to have the same joy? Well if yes, then you can choose this one as it has a top speed of 15 mph.

Its own weight is 50 pounds, whereas it can hold a weight of up to 200 pounds. Looking at the price range it seems that the motor is quite powerful.

As we mentioned before that the scooter should have a long-lasting battery if you are choosing it for a kid. The Razor E300 has a running time of up to 40 mins, after a full charge. You could get a better battery on other electric scooters, but not at this price range. I think that this is one of the best deals for the price.

Let’s have a look at the next products, may you find the one you have been looking for.

2. GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter For Kids:


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Believe me, your kid is going to love this. The GOTRAX GKS is one of the safest, one of the lightest and one of the best electric scooters for kids. It has the new Safe Start Technology that ensures that the motor won’t start until your kid is on the deck.

The 6 inches wheels absorb most of the pressures while riding on a rough road. The durable frame ensures to keep your kid confident while riding on bumps or jumping over the obstacles. Its 150W motor and 25.2V battery together gives a top speed of 7.5 mph.

The frame is light as 17 lbs and can take a weight of 154 lbs. That’s a durable frame you are getting at this price range. Don’t go over its size, even if your kid is tall, it can be ridden easily.

It is available in many color combinations including, red, pink, green, and blue.

3. Hover-1 Engine Electric Scooter:

Hover 1 Engine Electric Scooter

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Hover-1 is one of the safest brands when it comes to any kind of electric transportation system. From hoverboards to electric scooters, everything from Hover-1 is premium and high quality. This electric scooter is UL Certified and has a disk brake on the rear tire.

The powerful 350W motor and the big battery combine to give a top speed of 16 mph and a distance range of 11 miles. Most importantly it fully charges within 5 hours. Its 10 inches rubber tires absorb almost everything that comes as an obstacle on its way, giving your kid a comfortable ride.

It is lightweight and foldable, helping you to keep it in any place in your house and make it easily portable. The price tag may be higher than some other brands but it’s worth the price.

4. UberScoot 1000W Evo Powerboards Scooter:


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UberScoot Evo Powerboard is something that is suitable for both off-roading and long rides. If your kid is around 7 to 8 years old, then this could be the right one. As you can see in the picture, it has massive tires that can dominate any kind of road. Not only the tires but the motor is also so powerful. It can hit a top speed of 26 mph which is quite high for electric scooters.

This electric scooter has 3 batteries of 12V each, that means 36V of power. A big battery requires a long time to get fully charged, it takes around 8 hours to charge. Not only the charging time is long but the riding time is also long, it has a range of 10 miles. These features probably make it one of the best motor scooters for kids.

We won’t suggest this if your kid is a complete beginner with electric scooters. If your kid had ridden these things before, then this could be the best for rough and fast riding. With its Posi lock technology, it can be folded easily which makes it easily portable through any vehicle if required.

Overall riding experience is quite smooth with its 10 inches pneumatic tires. However, the range may differ according to the weight of the rider and road condition too.

5. Razor E325 Electric Scooter:

Razor E325

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Another Razor Electric Scooter on our list of best electric scooter for 5 year old. The E325 is somewhat similar to the previous Razor Scooter that we mentioned, there are just slight differences. It also has the same chain-driven motor and has a max speed of 15 mph.

Unlike others, it has a variable speed acceleration that helps you to hold the ride at different speeds. The 10 inches pneumatic wheels make the ride smoother by absorbing all shocks. Pavements, streets, or suburban areas, it doesn’t matter as your ride is going to be smooth in every road condition.

Just like the previous Razor scooter we mentioned, this also can be ridden for around 45 mins. It has a powerful motor, good tires durable frame and it comes at an affordable price. It looks like a great deal. Any kid with some experience can ride it easily, for any advice on training you can visit ScooterAdviser.

6. Razor E200 Electric Scooter:

Razor E200

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As we said that Razor is one of the best brands for electric scooters, here it comes on our list for the 3rd time. This one has a little higher torque. Like most of the Razor scooters, it also has the chain motor system. Coming to the battery, it is not the best for the price at all. It takes around 12 hours to fully charge but lasts for 40 mins. Even if it has a 24V battery it has a low speed of 12 mph.

The speed of the scooter might differ according to the weight of the rider, condition of the road, and the battery. It doesn’t have a nice battery, charging time is too long, so why is it on our list of best electric scooter for 5 year old? It is on our list because it is totally made for beginners. A 5 year old won’t ride a fast one. However, this electric scooter is recommended for 13 years old but looking at the specs we can say that it can be used by a 5 year old kid too.

This one is small, light, and more affordable than some other electric scooters on this list. Check the Pros & Cons list for knowing what we liked about it and what we didn’t.

7. Razor Power Core E90 – Best Budget Electric Scooter:

Razor PowerCore E90

Check On Amazon

For this price range, you won’t get anything better than this. One of the best electric scooters for the price. The new Core Technology gives 2x of everything you get in an ordinary scooter. With the help of a 90W motor, it can get a max speed of 10 mph. The big and powerful battery gives a long life of 80 mins, which is the highest on our list or probably highest in the market too.

It has a kickstand and a durable frame that takes on a weight of 120 lbs. This one is recommended for kids aged 8 years or above. If your kid ain’t 8 years old then you should give the above products a try because this one is specially made for kids who are aged under 8 years. Riding this with a kid weighing more than the recommended weight can cause disbalance or frame breakage.


How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost?

There are many electric scooter brands in the market and the pricing starts from $100 and goes up to $1000.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

Electric Scooters have a max speed starting from 7mph to 30mph and sometimes even more.

What Is The Recommended Age For An Electric Scooter?

The age recommendation depends on the electric scooter itself. However, overall any kid from 5 year old to adults can ride an electric scooter.

I hope that our reviews helped you to choose the best electric scooter for 5 year old your kid. If you like it, give it a share and for any further information don’t feel shy to ask in the comments or contact me here.

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