Safety matters in everything, so it also matters while riding a hoverboard. Your safety is your responsibility and the hoverboard’s safety is also hoverboard’s responsibility. Are hoverboards safe? Yes, the hoverboards that are UL Certified are safe.

As I said, your safety is your responsibility. To keep your self safe while riding, make sure to wear a helmet and safety gears. And to keep your hoverboard safe, you’ll just have to choose the right one. Choosing the Safest hoverboard might be hard, but with our guide, it becomes easy to make the decision.

Hoverboards and Safety:

Are Hoverboards Safe?

Do you want to buy a new hoverboard? But are you worried about the safety of the hoverboard? Yes, it is worth worrying. We got the new evolutionary hoverboards or self-balancing scooters in 2014. Since then there are many cases of dangerous hoverboards. It became so popular that celebrities and common peoples too wanted to try the fun with the hoverboards. It became the must-have toy for kids and adults. For more about hoverboard, click here.

But soon the hoverboards became to make issues. The issues were really serious and dangerous. The main issue was its safety, the rider was not safe on it until the UL Certification came in. Now all the hoverboard brands available in the market legally, are safe enough for you. But if you are looking for a hoverboard for your kid then you should not waste time here and take a look at our 5 Best Hoverboards For Kids, in this list we’ve picked the safest hoverboards for your kids.

To know more about the issues and how it got solved through time, scroll down.

Safety Issues Of Hoverboards In Its Early Time:

In the beginning, when the hoverboards were launched for the first time, many problems arrived. The main issues were related to safety as the riders were new to the toy and it included balancing on two wheels. Riding a hoverboard is very similar to riding skateboards or roller shoes. But this one was an electronic toy. So, the earlier models started catching fire and exploded.

There were many reasons behind the explosions, including a short circuit because of contact with water as they were not waterproof. Other reasons for safety issues included faulty gyroscope, it resulted in the unbalancing of the hoverboards. As soon as the reports of explosions of hoverboards came, all online retail websites like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc., banned the sales of hoverboards.

The hoverboard market collapsed as fast as it raised. In early 2016 many hoverboard brands recalled their products on advice from the CPSC. But for many users, it was impossible to refund as many sellers disappeared. Users were advised to dispose of hoverboards for safety. As you’ve heard of the quote ‘Changing The World Requires Courage’. The hoverboard community didn’t give up and brought the UL Certification and found every reason for safety concerns. The sun rose on them again.

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How UL Certificate Made Hoverboards Safe and Legal Again:

However, the users who bought the early models of hoverboards couldn’t have the benefits from the UL Certificate Safety Standards. The UL Certificate came in 2016. The mission of the UL Certificate (Underwriter Laboratories) is to ensure the safety of the hoverboards that you buy. If you are buying hoverboards from reliable online retail sites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart then you should not worry about the safety any more. These sites don’t sell any hoverboard or electric transport systems without the UL Certification.

As the UL Certified hoverboards are passed through 150+ tests before launching it in the market, they don’t create any issue anymore. These tests include a drop test, water exposure test, crash test, overcharge test, shock test, mold stress test, imbalanced charging test, short circuit test, over-discharge test, motor overload test, and much more.

So, the question was ‘Are Hoverboards Safe?’ And I hope you got the answer by reading this far. The latest hoverboards are no more unsafe to ride. However, the UL Certification may not ensure that you don’t have an accident. Depending on the rider, accidents may happen but won’t be much dangerous if not colliding with any other vehicles.

Safest Hoverboards To Buy:

Do you want to buy a hoverboard that is completely safe to ride for you? We got you covered with our list of 5 Safest hoverboards down below. We also answered your question on ‘Which Hoverboards Are Safe?’ Down below we listed the hoverboards that are cheap and safe.

ProductsDetailsCheck On Amazon
Are hoverboards safeGyroor Warrior Hoverboard - One Of The SafestCheck On Amazon
Swagtron HoverboardsSwagtron - One Of The Best Quality HoverboardsCheck On Amazon
EPIKGO HoverboardsEPIKGO Classic HoverboardsCheck On Amazon
Hyper GOGO HoverboardsHyper GOGO HoverboardsCheck On Amazon
TOMOLOO HoverboardsTOMOLOO HoverboardsCheck On Amazon


  1. What Hoverboards Are Safe?

    All hoverboards with UL Certification are safe to ride. However, unsafe riding may be dangerous even if the hoverboard is UL Certified.

  2. How Safe Are Hoverboards?

    Well, hoverboards have become much safer than it used to be before. We recommend hoverboards for kids above 6 years of age.

  3. Which Is The Safest But Fast Hoverboard?

    Segway hoverboards are safe and fast. As they are self-balancing scooters that have a balancing handle for safer riding.

  4. Are Hoverboards Safe For 10 Years Old?

    Yes, they are. However, you should check if the hoverboard is UL Certified or not. UL Certification will ensure your safety.

  5. Which Hoverboard Brands Are Safe?

    All hoverboard brands with UL Certifications are safe. These brands include EPIKGO, Segway, Swagtron and any other brands available through online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

We hope that our solution to your question ‘Are Hoverboards Safe?’, helped you to be aware of the safety issues.

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